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USU Templates

USU Templates

Official USU options that adjust to your
branding needs.

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Get Started with the Power of USU Templates

USU colleges, departments, units, and affiliated programs are empowered by using USU templates. Tapping into the strength of the USU brand strengthens your distinct web presence, and allows you to more fully benefit from being a part of the Utah State University family.

Best of all, USU's two distinct templates are free for USU colleges, departments, units and affiliated programs. Within the template you can add your program's unique look and feel, further extending your web presence and clearly defining what you have to offer to interested students, researchers, and others from around the world.

Explore your template options and decide which one works best for you. Once your template is requested, we will help you configure your look and feel.

Big Blue Template

Blue header with top and/or side navigation.

Whiteout Template

White header with top and/or side navigation.