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Using Copy Source Code Buttons from the Candy Store

Many of the examples in the Candy Store can be implemented by content managers without the help of the IT Web Team.  Those items include a "Copy Source Code" button.  To use this feature, follow these steps:

      1. Click the "Copy Source Code" button for the Item, at the bottom right of the section.

        • This will add all the behind-the-scenes code (HTML) to your clipboard.
          Copy Source Code Button
      2. Next, navigate to the page you would like to edit. 

        • You need to be in edit mode
          Edit mode
        • Click the source button
          Source Code Button

        • Click in the pop up and paste (press the Control and V keys in Windows, or the Command and V keys in Mac) in the box.  NOTE:  If there is code in here, its just the code for what's on your page already, so if you want to start with a blank page, delete (not Cut, or it will replace the copied code you took from the Candy Store) all code in the box before pasting in the code from the Candy Store.
          Source code pop up

        • Click OK

      3. Repeat as many times as you would like
        • When adding a new section add space (by hitting Enter or Return) after the code before pasting additional code in the box.
      4. Once you have have everything in place, you can start replacing filler text and images with your own content.

Additional Resources

This is Document for IT Web & Design team only, Please ask for assistance. Our email and phone 797-8551.

Refences and Examples

Tips and Tricks

  • Build the page out before you add all your content, its harder to add to a page thats already built out for users that don't have extensive HTML experience.